Pine Tree Water Filter CT-1000

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Pine Tree Water Filter CT-1000 – Implementing important water products around the world

Pine Tree Filter CT-1000

The Pine Tree Filter Company countertop CT-1000 water filtration and bottling device.

  • Hooks up in minutes without the need of a plumber.
  • The CT-1000 features a “super filter“ to provide germ-free and chemical-free water for one year for a family of four.
  • The filter cartridge can be changed in two minutes annually. The device filters 1200 gallons of water from municipal sources. With the push of a button, the water diverts through very sophisticated nanotechnology to remove COVID-19, live viruses, bacteria, cysts, lead, PCBs, and hundreds of cancer-causing chemicals.
  • Finally, you can bottle your own water and know it is safe as well as delicious.
  • Save the environment from plastic bottles and hook up.
  • The device is easy to pack in a suitcase and hook up to a hotel sink for travel.

The Pine Tree Water Filter

Clean Water Matters presents the Pine Tree Pocket Filter

The Pine Tree Filter Company Pocket Filter

  • Draws water from a puddle or any water source ( not saltwater) including your hotel sink, then pumps out crystal clear great tasting water.
  • Reduces virus to 99.99 log, bacteria 99.9999 log, and cysts 99.9 log.
  • It also reduces PCB carcinogens and hundreds of chemicals using nanotechnology (as used on the US space station).
  • The device uses electro–positively charged nanoparticles embedded in ultra-fine activated carbon dust to deliver 150 gallons (or 900, 500 mL drinking bottles) of safe, delicious water.
  • Rigorously tested to NSF-P231 standards using live viruses, bacteria, and cysts, by pumping 150 gallons of turbid water through the device.

The Pine Tree Pocket Filter

WaterCrest Whole House System

WaterCrest Whole House System by Hanish Water

A Hanish Water Whole House Physical Water Treatment System not only provides you with clean, safe mineral water at every tap in your home, but also piece of mind that you are NOT absorbing harmful chemicals through your skin.