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Clean Water Matters presents the Pine Tree Water Filter

The Pine Tree Filter Co. L.L.C. is pleased to introduce our solution for the LEAD problems in municipal waters in the United States. The company is Veteran owned and operated. Introducing The Pine Tree “Twin Peaks” Water Filter. A countertop water filter that easily hooks up to the kitchen sink to provide 600 gallons of great tasting filtered water per cartridge change. Our Filters work electrostatically. This means our filters are operating at reverse osmosis levels of filtration (Or .02 Micron) but without removing the minerals.

Remember when you could experience fresh, clean, safe drinking water from your tap? …you still can.

The Pine Tree “Twin Peaks” Water Filter

WaterCrest Whole House System

WaterCrest Whole House System by Hanish Water

A Hanish Water Whole House Physical Water Treatment System not only provides you with clean, safe mineral water at every tap in your home, but also piece of mind that you are NOT absorbing harmful chemicals through your skin.

Clean Water Matters presents the Miracle Straw

The Miracle Straw – safely removing bacteria, viruses, and cysts to make your drinking water clean and safe to drink. We know that safe, clean water matters to you whether close to home or away in the field, so we have designed the most effective, convenient and portable water purification device available.

Miracle Straw